Code of Conduct

The AAIM Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct Policy applies to all participants in AAIM events.

AAIM is committed to promoting an inclusive and welcoming environment. AAIM is committed to promoting and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion as a strategic imperative. Treat all members, participants, attendees, staff, and vendors with respect and consideration, valuing a diversity of views and opinions.

Read the AAIM Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

The purpose of the AAIM Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct is to foster a culture of integrity and excellence through our work as a professional organization and in furtherance of AAIM's tax-exempt charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. In adopting the code, AAIM underscores the importance of making ethical decisions in service to the discipline of internal medicine and its patients, stakeholders, learners, faculty, and staff.

Anyone participating in an AAIM sponsored event, program, or engagement opportunity can report behavior in violation of this code to the AAIM Safe Officer at AAIM has contracted with Accountability Ignited to serve as the AAIM Safe Officer, offer confidential reporting, and perform fair and neutral investigations; the AAIM Safe Officer will be present onsite at live conferences for in-person consultation as well as email reporting. For all situations, the reporting party’s identity will be kept confidential until and unless there comes a time that disclosure is needed to address the problem and the reporting party agrees to the disclosure of their identity.

The AAIM Board of Directors approved the AAIM Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct in July 2023