Conference App

Conference App Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I download the app? 
    Visit the “Download Conference App” page for full instructions.  
  2. Should I login to the app? 
    Yes!  Logging in to the app unlocks a host of additional features, include sharing schedules across devices, contact other attendees, exchanging digital business cards, are more. To login, select “Log In with an Email Link”, enter the email address used for your meeting registration, and follow the prompts from there.
  3. I’m stuck on AIMW23 event, how do I find AIMW24? 
    Select the “More” menu option (lower right iOS; upper right Android). Choose Change Event from top left. Then select the logo for Academic Internal Medicine Week 2024. Press the “Select this Event” button in the lower right corner, then select the continue button to load the event.
  4. Too many sessions to sort through on the schedule?  
    Use the filter button in the top right of the schedule to filter the list of sessions by precourse, attendee track, content track, or date. Or use the search icon to search by keywords or speakers. 
  5. How do I add a session to My Schedule? 
    After selecting an individual session, click the calendar icon in the top right to add it directly to your personal schedule. 
  6. Where can I find other information about the meeting? 
    Click the more button in the bottom row of menu options to reveal even more information about the event. 
  7. How do I find the presentation for a meeting session? 
    After selecting an individual session, check the Resources section for available presentations and handouts. 
  8. How do I use the app to ask a question? 
    After selecting an individual session, check the Resources section for the “Ask a Question” button. Select that button and a new screen will load for you to type your question, read questions asked by others, or up vote questions asked by others. 
  9. Can I still use the app if I don’t have access to Wi-Fi or my cellular network? 
    Yes! The app will work “offline” by displaying content from the last time the app was open and connected to the Internet. After offline use, the app will update automatically the next time your device connects to the Internet. 
  10. How can I find someone in the attendee list? 
    Use the search box at the top of the attendee list. The field will search on name, title, institution, and division. 
  11. Can I use the app to contact another participant? 
    Yes!  Once you login to the app, you can use the app to directly message another user. Find the user in the participant list, select their name and click the “Send Message” button directly under their photo.  If you do not see a “Send Message” button that means the other user has not signed in to the app and is therefore not available to receive messages. 
  12. Can I update the app manually to make sure I have the most up-to-date information?  
    Yes! Select the “More” menu option (lower right iOS; upper right Android). Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and click the orange arrow next to the Last Update time stamp.
  13. How do I change the email address for my app account? 
    Select the “More” menu option (lower right iOS; upper right Android). Click your name at the top. Click profile information. Click add another email address. Enter the email address associated with your meeting registration (it’s the same email you use to login to and click add. You will be sent a verification email to that address; click the “verify” link in the email. Return to your profile information. You will see the new email address as verified. Select the option to make it primary.  
  14. I don’t see AIMW24 as an option in the upcoming events list? 
    If AIMW24 is not showing in your list of upcoming events that means your version of AAIM Events app is not up-to-date. To update your app, go to App Store on your device and find “AAIM Events” in your list of available app updates and complete the update. AIMW24 will now display in your upcoming events list. 
  15. I don’t have smartphone or tablet. Can I still access the app? 
    Yes! Access the web version of the app and enjoy all the same features. 

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