The Alliance is governed by a representative board of directors that includes three elected officers (Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary Treasurer) as well as three representatives from each of the founding councils (AIM, APDIM, APM, ASP, and CDIM).  The AAIM President and the AAIM Deputy Chief Executive Officer also serve as ex officio members of the board. The chairs of bylaws-required committees (compensation, compliance, governance, and finance and audit) are appointed from among board members.

Founding councils are composed of four officers (president, president-elect, past president, and treasurer) and six to nine councilors, all elected by member majority voting; most councils also include committee chairs, which are appointed positions. Constituent councils (which are structured in the same way as founding councils) represent large member groups within APDIM and CDIM; the chairs of the constituent councils hold an ex officio position on the respective founding council.

Volunteer Leader Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations

Congratulations to the New FY 2022 Alliance Councilors and Officers

FY 2022 Call for Volunteers: Committees

AAIM is pleased to launch the first of two calls for volunteers for FY 2022 committees and task forces.  The second call will launch in fall 2021 and will be for Alliance programmatic committees and task forces. All current members who meet the criteria and can meet the expectations are welcome to volunteer to serve in either call; members may not serve in more than one council or committee capacity in any given year. 

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