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The Alliance Supports ABIM Procedural Competency Recommendations

April 2019—The Alliance agrees with the ABIM Internal Medicine Board’s four recommendations that would remove the requirement for a common set of procedures to be performed by all residents for certification eligibility.

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AAIM Signs on to Support Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act

April 2019—AAIM is part of the GME Coalition, which recently sent a letter to encourage Congressional leaders to cosponsor the “The Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2019” (S. 348, H.R. 1763). This bipartisan legislation would provide a responsible increase in Medicare support for GME to address the impending national physician workforce shortage. The letter notes the projected shortfall of physicians by 2030 and the impact on already vulnerable populations in rural and underserved areas.

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AAIM Supports Added Pathway to Gastroenterology , Transplant Hepatology Certification

March 2019—AAIM offered recommendations to the ABIM Gastroenterology Board on approving a pilot program as an added pathway to Gastroenterology and Transplant Hepatology Certification.

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AAIM Statement to NBME and FSMB on USMLE Scoring

February 2019—When multiple organizations within the Alliance were invited to provide perspective on USMLE numeric score reporting practice, the councils collaborated to develop a consensus statement for AAIM. This statement was submitted February 25 to FSMB and NBME, parent organizations of USMLE, in preparation for an invitational conference they will host with AMA, AAMC, and ECFMG to discuss the use of USMLE scores by primary (state medical boards for licensure) and secondary audiences within undergraduate and graduate medical education.

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Alliance Endorses Comments on Proposed Title IX Amendments

February 2019—AAIM joined 73 academic and professional societies in STEMM fields to provide comment to the US Department of Education on proposed Title IX implementation rules issued November 28. The letter urges that the proposed rule changes not be made final because the regulations do not reflect current data on the nature and extent of harm caused by sexual harassment in educational program. Current research indicates that the proposal could have "deleterious consequences" for the safety and security of individuals and the contexts in which they work.

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AAIM, ACP Seek Med Student Family & Medical Leave Standards

July 2018—AAIM and ACP recently co-signed a letter urging the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and the American Osteopathic Association Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation to establish standards requiring medical schools to create family and medical leave policies that ensure support for medical students.

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Alliance Joins in Calling for Expedited Visa Review

Update June 21, 2018: According to reports from the staff of academic medical organizations, USCIS has issued internal guidance for completing reviews of H-1B visa applications from international medical graduates accepted to US residency programs. Pending petitions will be processed and allow the use of AAMC data for prevailing wage determination. Any program that received Requests For Evidence (RFE) regarding prevailing wage should respond indicating that clarifying guidance has been issued within USCIS, and that additional evidence is not necessary

Update June 5, 2018: As of June 5, US Citizenship and Immigration Services will accept the private wage survey data provided by AAMC. The agency will adjudicate pending petitions and petitioners should respond to issued RFEs. AAIM will provide additional updates as they become available.

Delays in processing H-1B visas for incoming non-US international medical graduates (IMGs) accepted to positions in US GME programs have prompted several academic medicine organizations—including AAIM— to call for expediting pending visa reviews. In particular, the letter from the group cited the US Citizenship and Immigration Services requesting additional evidence and in some cases denying applications that use data from the AAMC Survey of Resident/ Fellow Stipends and Benefits Report that had previously been approved by the US Department of Labor.

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The Alliance Signs on to DACA Letter

September 2017— AAIM joined other health  organizations seeking a permanent legislative remedy allowing healthcare professionals and students with DACA status to continue their employment, education, training, and research.

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AAIM Statement about Executive Order on Immigration

February 2017— The Alliance believes the fundamental values of the United States of America include providing opportunity, celebrating diversity, and believing in the basic goodness of individuals and of the human spirit. Internal medicine is committed to professionalism's expectation of placing service to others above one’s own needs.  The Alliance condemns the adverse effects of the January 27 Executive Order on our community of internal medicine educators, scientists, and scholars.

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