AAIM Medical Education Research Committee Consultation

The AAIM Medical Education Research Committee (MERC) is charged with developing and facilitating resources and tools that support AAIM membership in conducting medical education research. The committee seeks to empower and assist AAIM members in bringing their ideas to fruition, both for publication and for meaningful impact at their home institutions and the AAIM community.

Committee members can assist in any of the following ways:

  • Clarifying study questions/goals
  • Implementing a proposed intervention
  • Choosing a method to assess impact or outcomes
  • Interpreting impacts of an outcome
  • Identifying or soliciting resources
  • Determining how or where this research can be presented or published
  • Ethical concerns
  • Guidance on literature searches
  • Guidance on type of subspecialist that may be able to provide clinical/scientific support

If you seek assistance in your scholarly project, please fill out this brief intake form to provide more information to the committee on your project including the scope, timeline, and the assistance requested. The committee will review requests and determine the appropriate committee members to provide consultation for your project. All requests will receive a response within six weeks. Should you request assistance sooner, please note this in the intake form.

While committee members seek to offer advice, guidance, and mentorship, they are unable to provide statistical analysis or data interpretation.


For questions or comments, please contact AAIM staff at MedEdresearch@im.org.