UME-GME Transition Individualized Learning Plan

AAIM UME-GME Transition Individualized Learning Plan

AAIM is pleased to provide a template Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) to bridge the UME to GME transition for newly matched interns. The AAIM UME – GME Transition ILP is intended to specifically communicate a learner’s academic and professional needs for the transition between medical school to residency. The AAIM ILP is not meant to meet the ACGME requirement regarding individualized learning plans during residency.

The AAIM UME – GME Transition ILP was developed by the AAIM Learner Handoff Standards Task Force to directly address the Coalition for Physician Accountability’s (CoPA) recommendation that states, “Meaningful assessment data based on performance after the MSPE must be collected and collated for each graduate, reflected on by the learner with an educator or coach, and utilized in the development of a specialty-specific, individualized learning plan to be presented to the residency program to serve as a baseline at the start of residency training”.  

The ILP can be sent to fourth year medical students just after they have matched into a residency program.  The ILP’s objective is to assist interns continue their professional development, academic growth, and professional identify formation while engaging them in self-directed learning.  The form asks incoming residents to list their clinical or academic goals for the first six months of residency; reflect on their current patient care, communication, and medical skills; and determine areas of improvement, to include core internal medicine topics. By reflecting on areas of learning needs together with a UME advisor/mentor (when available), incoming residents will benefit from personalized schedules, curricula, early advising, etc. . 

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Programs are encouraged to use or adapt this ILP; please include an attribution to the Alliance as the source:  
“This form is based on a modifiable template provided by the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine at

AAIM Learner Transition Handoff Task Force

  • Uma Ayyala, MD
  • Ratna Charishma Boppana, MD
  • Jayaram Chandrasekar, DO
  • John H. Choe, MD, MPH
  • Andrew N. Dentino, MD, FACP, AGSF, FAPA
  • Lauren DiMarino, DO, FACOI, FACP
  • Allison H. Ferris, MD, FACP
  • Richard M. Forster, MD, FACP
  • Paul A. Hemmer, MD
  • Nancy Masucci
  • Amber T. Pincavage, MD, FACP
  • Douglas Ruiz Carbajal
  • Tripti Singh, MD
  • William D. Surkis, MD, FACP
  • Karen Ward, ACUME, CGEA