Call for Council Nominations

All current members are invited to nominate candidates or to self-nominate for positions on the association and constituent councils. Councilors and officers serve three year terms, except MPPDA President-Elect which is a four-year term. 

Members who volunteered to serve on an FY 2022 AAIM task force are permitted to also submit nominations to serve on the FY 2023 councils. 

Council nominations are due Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. EDT, via online application. Emailed materials will not be accepted.

The Alliance seeks volunteers that represent the broad diversity of its membership, in terms of individual sex, race, gender identity, ethnicity, and sexual orientation as well as institution/program size, type, patient population, and location. 

Nominees are required to:

  • Be current members in good standing (i.e., dues have been paid for FY 2022 membership)
  • Have maintained membership for at least three years.
  • Have attended at least two Alliance or association meetings in the last four years.
  • Respond promptly to requests for information or election materials; nominees who do not respond promptly may be removed from ballot consideration.

Officer nominees (president-elect and treasurer) for all councils except MPPDA must have served on the council in the past five years.

Individuals elected to councils are expected to:

  • Be able to serve a three-year term.
  • Abide by “Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations for AAIM Volunteer Leaders”
  • Register for and attend both Alliance annual conferences
  • Attend council summit held in mid-July (the 2022 date is July 19; travel and one night housing reimbursed when held in person)
  • Attend council meeting held in conjunction with Academic Internal Medicine Week (Saturday prior to conference; one night housing reimbursed when held in person)
  • Actively participate in quarterly conference calls
  • Step down from any active committee positions, excepting the AAIM FY 2022 transition task forces, by June 30, 2022
  • Advocate for the Alliance, including representing AAIM opinions to other organizations, requesting payment of dues from nonpaying members, and encouraging members to register for conferences.
  • Understand the decisions and plans of the council are subject to approval and resourcing by the AAIM Board of Directors.

Council officers (president, president-elect, past president, and treasurer) are expected to serve on the AAIM Board of Directors or the AAIM Finance and Audit Committee, which have separate meetings and conference call schedules.

Open Positions

Open positions include:






AIM Council

Two open position



APDIM Council

Four open positions



APDIM Program Administrators Advisory Council

Two open positions

Chair Elect


APM Council

Two open positions



ASP Council

One open position



CDIM Council

Three open positions



CDIM Clerkship Administrators Advisory Council

Three open positions

Chair Elect


MPPDA Executive Committee


Yes (four year term)



Committed to Diversity

AAIM seeks candidates that represent the broad diversity of its membership, in terms of individual sex, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation as well as institution size, type, patient population, and location.

Read AAIM's diversity, equity, and inclusion statement and strategic plan

Nomination Timeline

Timeline (subject to change)

September 20

Call for nominations open

October 13

Call for nominations close

December 1

All nominees accepted for the ballot notified

December 17

All candidates to provide position statements and photos for the ballot

January 12

Elections launched

January 31

Elections close

February 18

All candidates notified about election status

February 25

Members notified about election results