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2016 AAIM Skills Development Conference

2016 AAIM Skills Development Conference

The inaugural AAIM Skills Development Conference was a success! More than 500 members participated in the precourse, plenary, and workshop sessions, gaining new insight and skills to bring back to their academic institutions.

About the Conference

The AAIM Skills Development Conference is a three-day conference composed of four precourses October 20 and a two-day meeting from October 21-22. This workshop-heavy conference provided tactical, out of the box tools to help faculty and staff be better administrators, teachers, mentors, and employees. The conference featured plenary sessions on skills, career development, and inter-professional education.

Based on feedback from members, this new educational offering was designed to give participants a chance to takeaway hands on relevant skills to help them improve their performance and career. The conference was opened to all faculty and staff at all skill levels. Unlike previous AAIM meeting,s there is no association specific meeting; instead, educational tracks are designed to help you choose your educational path at the conference.

What Did Members Think About the Conference?

“In today’s Alliance Women in Medicine Leadership Development Forum I learned how important it is to continue to work on networking with other young, women physician leaders and how important it is for us to reach out to each other to be mentors and mentees.”
Emily Stewart, MD,
Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

“I came to this conference looking forward to discussions about transitions between UME and GME and how we can prepare our students to be more effective residents. I hope to bring back some ideas about how to orient new interns so they can more effectively start their work without difficulty.”
Thomas J. Lane, MD,
University of Connecticut (New Britain)

“What I like about this conference is the excitement that I take back home with me, and apply what I’ve learned here.”
Laura J. Zakowski, MD,
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

“Looking forward to ideas to bring back to the institution. It’s the right time to come and figure out new ideas and ways of doing things, [and gain] some guidance for how to progress through the endeavor of medical education.”
Chayan Chakraborti, MD,
Tulane University School of Medicine

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Alliance Member Center Makes its Debut

“We had a meet up session on engaging younger faculty and learners; it was better than anybody expected for the first time at this new forum. Great to have different people bring in different perspectives and define commonalities.”

The Alliance Member Center is the new hub for members at all Alliance conferences.