AAIM Residents as Teachers Curriculum

AAIM Residents as Teachers Curriculum Modules

CDIM and APDIM created the joint Residents-as-Teachers Task Force to provide program directors and clerkship directors with practical and efficient strategies to help residents become more effective teachers in the course of their normal work duties.

The modules were developed based on feedback from members. The modules emphasize the teaching of medical students, though they can be applied to other learners as well. Each module includes a brief (10 to 15-minute) introductory PowerPoint presentation that highlights the key teaching strategies. Modules are supplemented with additional cases or teaching tools, which can be used to expand the experience to the needs of the program while allowing maximal flexibility.

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Residents as Teachers Authors

Paul B. Aronowitz, MD
California Pacific Medical Center

Eric H. Green, MD
Mercy Catholic Medical Center

Paul E. Mendez, MD
University of Miami - Miller School of Medicine

Rachel Stark, MD
Cambridge Hospital

Donald C. Bordley, MD
University of Rochester - School of Medicine & Dentistry

Heather E. Harrell, MD 
University of Florida - College of Medicine

Joseph Rencic, MD
New England Medical Center

Joyce E. Wipf, MD
University of Washington - School of Medicine

Yvonne Diaz, MD
University of Miami - Miller School of Medicine

Susan T. Hingle, MD
Southern Illinois University - School of Medicine

Richard H. Simons, MD
University of Michigan - Medical School

Erica D. Friedman, MD
Mount Sinai - School of Medicine

Tayloe Loftus, MD
State University of New York - Upstate Medical University

David Gary Smith, MD
Abington Memorial Hospital