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Internal Medicine In-Training Examination 

Developed by the American College of Physicians (ACP) and AAIM, the Internal Medicine In-Training Examination (IM-ITE) is a well-validated and reliable self-assessment instrument. The examination was first offered in 1988 and is now administered annually to more than 92% of internal medicine residents in the United States, Canada, Lebanon, Japan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Barbados, Jamaica, Iceland, and Qatar. Residents at all levels of training in categorical, primary care, and medicine-pediatrics programs participate in IM-ITE.

Use IM-ITE Feedback to Build Custom Resident Learning Plans in MKSAP

A new MKSAP 19 feature allows residents to use feedback from the 2022 Internal Medicine In-Training Examination® (IM-ITE) to build a custom learning plan. Residents with a MKSAP 19 account will be able to access the new feature from the dashboard of their MKSAP 19 Digital program. The IM-ITE Feedback feature locates the educational objectives of all questions the resident answered incorrectly on the 2022 IM-ITE. These educational objectives are linked to related MKSAP content, and the residents will be able to plan their study based on the IM-ITE questions they missed. Residents will be able to add and remove related topics to their MKSAP Learning Plan to create a unique course of study based on their individual learning needs. (No numerical scores or comparative data will be shown in MKSAP.) To access their feedback, residents will need their IM-ITE Program ID and Candidate ID numbers, found on their IM-ITE Examinee Performance Reports. 

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Visit the Internal Medicine In-Training Examination website to review frequently asked questions, view the examination blueprint, and learn how to register.

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